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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't believe it...

I had heard many rumors of this but I did not think it could be true... this leaves me speechless yet a thousand things flow through my head at once! I have read the many theories behind this and while they all seem accurate one can never truly know the true methods and thoughts behind this highly inspirational piece. To me it speaks volumes though.
The red obvious symbolizes the hate and disdain new flash authors were usually greeted with, and the slight paue before the 'B' appears, as if it is hesitant of the reactions it will receive only encourages this image. The fact that it is so small compared to the page as a whole yet surrounded by only white is a testament to a great inspiration usually lost in the void of the flash world, standing out if only it could be seen! While the fact that it is off center might seem like a small point, but it shows that even if we don't know our place in the world we can still shine brightly. The fact that it is the second letter in the alphabet certainly means that you don't have to be number one to "B" something.

This simple flash with it's simple letter is an inspiration and we can only thank StrawberryClock for gracing us with it.
Thank you.

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Leonidus vs. Ash Ketchum Leonidus vs. Ash Ketchum

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This flash is by almost all standards horrible. The graphics are just copy+pasted, the sound quality is neither good nor bad, and it is only about 10 seconds of animation in a loop.

But for some damn reason it made me chuckle and so it gets a 7 on the basis of pure random humor.

HitlerMuffin responds:

Well, we know it's crap.
That's one of the reasons it's funny!

News Reporter V News Reporter V

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Uh huh....

Alright that was a complete waste of time. About the only thing good I can say about this animation is the lines are clean.

Graphics: These were not drawn well at all and your choices of color were pretty bland. The sizes and shapes of objects seemed completely random and not that well thought out. Finally the animation seemed pretty choppy and generic.

Sound: The sound quality was pretty bad, especially with all the interference from the breaths among other things.

Over-all this seems like a generic flash that has no real defining features. It is just kinda there. I can also see by your response to another reviewer you cannot take criticism, even the constructive kind well at all and resort to petty insults. Please don't think you can spend 4 days on an animation, submit something of poor quality and think people won't rate you bad. Next time try to put a little more effort and thought into your flashes.

Murray responds:

It's not that I can't take criticism, it's just I'll only be an ass to people who are being an ass to me. You, however, made a decent review. Thanks! :)

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Blocky In Space Blocky In Space

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh wow.

I'm glad I was able to find this game it really made my day. It's not often I get a chance to give something a 10. Lets see here though.

Graphics: The graphics for this game wre wonderful, the colors went together great and the lines were clean. The animation was perfectly smooth and finally the characters were cute. On a side note what I especially love is how the backgrounds change, and your course of backgrounds.

Sound: Over-all the sound quality was great, with each sound effect really going great with the purpose you chose for it. But once again I must say my favorite was the background music, it fit wonderfully with the theme of the game and really gave it that "adventure" feel.

Over-all it's a wonderful game I'm sure to play again. I hope to see more like it in the future.

flashgismo responds:

thanks for the vote, I can tell this is an old work of mine. I hope I will make one soon.
thanks again ^^

Fair Game Fair Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh wow

This is a pretty fun game that makes me nostalgic. You've really caught the fair element perfectly. The animation was detailed and smooth and the sounds complemented them perfectly.

The games were old classics that were fun but do need a few modifications. One is the duck shooter. It is waaaay too easy. Even the smallest ones are very easy to hit. Maybe try to decrease their size or create some other way to raise the difficulty. As for catching the ducks it was both easy and hard at times. The way to hook them seemed confusing at times, so you might want to elaborate a little more on the exact procedure in your instructions.

All in all though it's a fun and well made game.

willcheng responds:

Thanks for the compliements! We're glad you enjoyed the nostalgia of the games which was exactly the impression we wanted people to get.

The duck shoot is meant to be easy. The challenge with that is to be fast as you have so little time to score more points in that part of the game.

As for the hooking - we're not going to say more about how to hook. They wouldn't tell you at the fairground would they? :)

Moko Moko Moko Moko

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh hey, wow.

I honestly didn't expect much when I tried out this game, I've had experience with breaking brick games in the past and each seemed to be just a rip off of the last, however I got a nice little surprise when I tried this one.

First the graphics. Right up front I was greeted with a title screen that instantly transported me back to the old Nintendo/Super Nintendo games of the past. The Graphics were soft and pleasant to the eyes, while also being quite cheerful. My only problem would have to be the bright colors near the paddle/Moko Moko guy at the bottom. They were too similar and really put a hurt on the eyes trying to focus on him, so you might wanna try darkening one of them up.

For the sound effects they were nice and fit the game perfectly, and while I was saddened at the lack of background music it didn't detract from the game too much.

As for the actual game play I noticed right off the controls for him were a little laggy and tended to drag, and while they didn't take away too much from the game they did get a little troublesome at times. The power ups were fun though I would suggest putting a shorter limit(if indeed a limit there is) on the angry face/shooter, otherwise the game becomes easy once it comes into play.

All in all a fun addicting game that I'll probably be playing again in the near future.

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