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Blocky In Space Blocky In Space

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh wow.

I'm glad I was able to find this game it really made my day. It's not often I get a chance to give something a 10. Lets see here though.

Graphics: The graphics for this game wre wonderful, the colors went together great and the lines were clean. The animation was perfectly smooth and finally the characters were cute. On a side note what I especially love is how the backgrounds change, and your course of backgrounds.

Sound: Over-all the sound quality was great, with each sound effect really going great with the purpose you chose for it. But once again I must say my favorite was the background music, it fit wonderfully with the theme of the game and really gave it that "adventure" feel.

Over-all it's a wonderful game I'm sure to play again. I hope to see more like it in the future.

flashgismo responds:

thanks for the vote, I can tell this is an old work of mine. I hope I will make one soon.
thanks again ^^

Fair Game Fair Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh wow

This is a pretty fun game that makes me nostalgic. You've really caught the fair element perfectly. The animation was detailed and smooth and the sounds complemented them perfectly.

The games were old classics that were fun but do need a few modifications. One is the duck shooter. It is waaaay too easy. Even the smallest ones are very easy to hit. Maybe try to decrease their size or create some other way to raise the difficulty. As for catching the ducks it was both easy and hard at times. The way to hook them seemed confusing at times, so you might want to elaborate a little more on the exact procedure in your instructions.

All in all though it's a fun and well made game.

willcheng responds:

Thanks for the compliements! We're glad you enjoyed the nostalgia of the games which was exactly the impression we wanted people to get.

The duck shoot is meant to be easy. The challenge with that is to be fast as you have so little time to score more points in that part of the game.

As for the hooking - we're not going to say more about how to hook. They wouldn't tell you at the fairground would they? :)

Moko Moko Moko Moko

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh hey, wow.

I honestly didn't expect much when I tried out this game, I've had experience with breaking brick games in the past and each seemed to be just a rip off of the last, however I got a nice little surprise when I tried this one.

First the graphics. Right up front I was greeted with a title screen that instantly transported me back to the old Nintendo/Super Nintendo games of the past. The Graphics were soft and pleasant to the eyes, while also being quite cheerful. My only problem would have to be the bright colors near the paddle/Moko Moko guy at the bottom. They were too similar and really put a hurt on the eyes trying to focus on him, so you might wanna try darkening one of them up.

For the sound effects they were nice and fit the game perfectly, and while I was saddened at the lack of background music it didn't detract from the game too much.

As for the actual game play I noticed right off the controls for him were a little laggy and tended to drag, and while they didn't take away too much from the game they did get a little troublesome at times. The power ups were fun though I would suggest putting a shorter limit(if indeed a limit there is) on the angry face/shooter, otherwise the game becomes easy once it comes into play.

All in all a fun addicting game that I'll probably be playing again in the near future.

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Snake(Old School Version) Snake(Old School Version)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


What can I say about this game besides it's really...just... Not that good.

The graphics were ok, nothing horrible yet nothing interesting either for that matter, and the colors didn't seem to go that well together either.

As for the gameplay it was pretty pointless. What is the logic behind a game you can't lose? I know the old snake game wasn't like that.

All in all the graphics were the only notable thing about this flash, and then only as average. Better luck next time. And I would usually try to offer constructive criticism to help improve the flash but I've not played the original in YEARS and really can't remember too much about it.

the basics tutorial the basics tutorial

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Anvil, Lol

Alright so I'm planning on making this a decently long review since your submission has quite a few points(good and bad!) to discuss.

For music you had a pretty nice selection, nothing that greatly matched the tutorial(except maybe the first song) but nothing that took away from it either, and the ability to stop and play the music was a great addition.

As for the graphics they were simple but not bad, however there were a few parts where your graphics really took away from the experience by making things hard to see and read. (especially when you wrote words instead of using a text tool). So, as a whole I'd say decent graphics but they really can(and should) be improved, at least dealing with things such as text and menu navigation.

Speaking of navigation is was quite difficult at times. I like where you were going with having the clouds signify the click area to see that particular tutorial, but at first glance the entire page looks like less of a menu and more of a...well I don't know. It was confusing for a moment. So maybe next time order it in a way to let them know "Hey! I'm at a menu page!" Maybe by enclosing the text under each picture(such as the Clouds and Rain) in a styled button just to let people know it's indeed a button instead of a pretty picture. Also as I said above it was quite hard to read the Motion Tweening text the way your wrote it, so maybe do that in a clearer way. Other than that though the graphics were simple yet great for the purpose and I especially liked your cloud tutorial(I am horrible at Clouds and the ones you produced were very nice actually) And they also blended well with the humor you used (Which is a great point in this tutorial, too many are like talking to robots, with yours it is more human and comfortable, so it really holds interest) I especially liked the humor though (Anvil lol)

Alright, now to the tutorial contents. This was an informative tutorial but there were a few things that need to be improved upon. First off is the way you wrote. It did add the comfortable human element which so many others seem to miss, but you also wrote in ways that were sometimes confusing, even to people with beforehand flash knowledge. Try writing something and then reading back over it, correcting and typos/mistakes and put it in an easier format to understand. While you read it ask yourself "If I am new to flash will I know what this means to do? Or understand what this can do?, Does this sentence make sense?" Also I might make the simple suggestion of putting the actionscript you do post in red so as to make it more noticeable against the over-all text.

Finally while I don't agree with posting to another's tutorial(on the basis that people will go to this tutorial expecting the basics, but then learn it requires knowledge of a specific nature before hand) I will say for your case it wasn't such a horrible decision since you were worried about stealing someone elses work. But if you must link to a page, why not make a button they can click instead of a link they must copy&paste, it would make them more inclined to actually click it and see)

Well that pretty much wraps up my review. Over-all this was a pretty good and imformative flash, but it needs some work to be a great one. However I see a lot of potential in it and hope to see another one in the future.

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GameBros-Studios responds:

thanks for the review, I think that i selected the music the way i did to fit a bigger audience (even if you COULD pause it, you never know) and as for the actionscript ill set it to red or white or something to make it easier to see, i dont think ill change the menu because i want people to comment on the base of my work, (Game Bros Studios IS a group but I (Eoneth) made this 1 myself) but i will use some of your tips in later tutorials, games (if we get around to making any) and animations.

Another One Level Game Another One Level Game

Rated 1 / 5 stars

New game, Same Problems.

Alright, so I see my last review didn't help, sadly I can only reiterate the points I made there. The biggest problem I could see is the boxes movement. It's still quite slow and sluggish, which makes it hard to dodge balls that go as(or close to as) fast as your boxes movement. The music. Hmm. It sets the atmosphere but like I've said before it seems to draw attention away from the game it's self with all the harsh high and low pitches it uses.

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Bird Escape Bird Escape

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Could be better

It's a neat little game you have but sadly there are a few problems.

But first the good things.
The instructions were easy to understand and simple.

The graphics weren't bad quality so no problems there.

But I noticed the bird moved very sluggishly, which is bad when the planes start coming in more than one at a time. Maybe give it a little more mobility.

The planes were a little but, on the first game an actual wall of them came which blocked any escape.

I don't know how many times I've said this before, but use background music. A tiny loop of music can make a good game a great game simply by giving it a little more life. It is hard to chose a good background music because you want it catchy without distracting people from the game, but if you find the right one the work was worth it.

Finally when I died there was no reset button. I clicked the bird and it took me to a blank screen.

All in all a game with potential but still not /quite/ up to the cut. Good job and I hpe my comments have helped in some way.

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Drop Stop (By Jocara) Drop Stop (By Jocara)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

So, wow.

This is a pretty good game, I don't have a lot to say about it to be honest.

The background music was perfect for it, nothing to draw your attention away and pleasing on the ears.

The motion was fluid and the graphics were nicely done.

My ONLY problem would have to be the size. At times it turned from a reaction game to "can you see it" game. Maybe you could increase the size a touch?

Over-all this is a fun and addicting game which I'm sure a lot of people will play to brag about their score. Good game and I hope to see more like it in the future.

jocara responds:


GuardBall GuardBall

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Oh wow. Nice.

This is one of the funner games I've played today. Let's see.

The music was a great choice for what you wanted, catchy and addictive. It did get a little tiresome after a while, but not enough to make me want to stop the game.

The graphics were simple, but for a game like this that was a good thing so over-all they served their purpose well.

A few complaints I have are:

1)The ball can be saved WELL AFTER it went past the blue bar, just by clipping the back end of it. Maybe fix it so that when the ball gets 3/4 past the blue bar it can't be saved so the game isn't super easy.

2)With such a plain background(don't get me wrong, it was good for this game) it was hard to have landmarks for where exactly the blue bar would appear at times to save the ball, maybe place a very faded image of it in the background where it will appear so you know what you are dealing with.

Also the game got a little boring after a while, so maybe try adding new features. Say increasing the over-all size of the canvas and giving more space for the balls to move around, then have random little power ups like. Double Balls, which create two balls that fly around at the same time to make things more difficult. A speed up/slow time thing for the balls to add some variety. Just whatever.
But don't get me wrong, this game is perfectly fun without power ups, so it's not a /needed/ thing.

All in all you've made a fun game and I hope I see more like it in the future.

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Kuzmin responds:

Number 2 is fixed.

Powerups is probably not going to happen, instead I'm working on a system where you can choose one of five smileys to be your character.

The thing about the ball being saved after passing.. might get fixed.

But thanks really much for this review, helped me alot.

Buried Alive! 2008 by EO Buried Alive! 2008 by EO

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty fun

This is a pretty fun game though one of the most pressing issues I had with it was the lack of background music. The sound effects you did have though were great for the purpose they served. For the levels I did play you had very interesting an amusing themes (such as the pirate ship) and your idea of having each type of material react a different way really gave this game more depth than just the same old "avoid the blocks!" type games. And the graphics were pleasent, not too flashy but they served their purpose well.

EntropicOrder responds:

I looked through music loops and found it very difficult to get the right track for the game and I decided to just not include one. Next game I'll be sure to settle on one and put it in though. Thanks for the comments!