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2008-04-27 22:36:10 by MyCreativityCafe

So I've recently come across a brand of coffee my g/f mentioned. Called Nescafe. Now I don't normally drink Instant Coffee's, but I decided to try it.

Go buy some.


Alrighty then...

2008-04-22 16:59:09 by MyCreativityCafe

I don't know why I am making this new post, yet something compels me to write here. And, while normally I don't listen to the voices inside my head(yes, there are others) I decided to today because it seemed particularly nice about it. So lets see... what to talk about...
Alright I think I got a bit of a rant to share here. Now this is a problem I've had with people for years, especially in forums. What is the deal with people posting something and expecting special treatment, then getting angry when you shatter their poor deluded dreams(Or just give them pretty nice critics and advice compared to what could be given)
And instead of them even remotely thinking about that constructive criticism, at the first sign of the smallest complaint on their sub-par work (usually they are a new person just starting out and expect to produce godly work) they get all offended and soon you have not only them, but every single friend and their mothers brothers uncles cousin on the forum telling you off and saying how blind you are to not see that their two minute doodle of a smiley is not the next Mona Lisa. Now I'm all about going easy on peoples new work, but don't expect people to think it's the best thing since sliced bread.

That also brings me on to another rant, one I have seen increasingly on newgrounds. People who rate a review good/bad, and the only comment they can provide is "Lol this suxors!!" or "lolololol this is so dam awesome cuz it has my favorite guy" ....yeah.... That is a huge help there sparky. My favorite one though is someone giving anothers flash a 0, and their justification? "Oh dude my aura is evil so I give everything 0 even if I like it, lolol"

Well, I'm ending that rant here because it's storming here and I don't fancy being electrocuted.


2008-04-21 23:26:28 by MyCreativityCafe

What is this? Like blog type-thing? I dunno but I'll post anyways because I'm sleepy but too tired to actually go to sleep(yeah, THAT makes a lot of sense!) So instead I will just say how awesome the brownies I made earlier tasted, and how funny it was to see my 50+ year old dad lick the spoon like a kid would.

Also I will say go here. Or here. </blatant advertising>